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Black Lives Matter​

BMYF stands in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters, condemning hatred and racism and fighting for justice, equality and liberation. We are appalled and outraged with the brutal and senseless killing of George Floyd and many other unjust killings of Black Americans due to hatred, racism, inequality and injustice.

BMYF affirms our commitment to Black Lives Matter and the education, health, safety, well-being, economic empowerment, and progress of the Black community. 

Black Minds Matter 

BMYF recognizes the brilliance and intellectual capability of Black minds and the urgent need to educate, elevate, and protect the Black Mind at all costs. Black Minds Matter is the natural resource and superpower of the Black community.


Black Health Matters
BMYF affirms that the mental, physical, and spiritual well being and upliftment of Black people is an integral component to ensuring the optimal quality of life for the Black community to live their Healthiest Life ever!

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